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The best opportunities meet at I-RIM 3D!

  • Young people and companies: Career Match
  • Proactive Startups and Innovation Oriented Companies: Tech Match

RoboMatch: a platform for appointments between young professionals and opportunities (Beta Test)

Companies and organizations can propose their job offer, undergraduates and young professionals can create their own profile and come into contact with companies and organizations looking for new collaborators.

Create your profile

Create your offer or demand profile for technological skills by entering the RoboMatch web-app (Beta Test)

Indicate the data you want to share and the skills and technological solutions you are looking for or making available

Use the RoboMatch web-app (Beta Test) to see the investment, partnership or job offers that interest you.

Give your likes. You will see the atch! with those interested in your questions or offers. You will thus be able to contact each other independently and independently.  

For any clarification or need, please write to:

Present your ideas with a Spotlight Talk

Does your medium or large company want to innovate its product, or transform its processes to exploit new possibilities, and do you need agile partners in new technologies? Does your small business or startup (present or future) have ideas that it wants to transform into real industrial innovation on a larger scale? You are not alone. In Italy, there are entire industrial districts in search of advanced technology to innovate and improve their products and processes, and other regions where top-level research is being carried out looking for industrial outlets.

At I-RIM 3D industry, research, market and capital will meet with dynamic mechanisms on a national and international scale, to facilitate the meeting between Research and Innovation (R2B) and that between small, medium and large companies interested in interaction technologies. (B2B).

To present your research or innovation offer to an audience of colleagues, innovative companies and / or potential investors, propose a Spotlight Talk at the II Italian Conference of Robotics and Intelligent Machines

For any clarification or need, please write to:


Collect workgroups in a Workshop

To gather working groups and communities of researchers and industrial innovators with specific interests on some of the topics in the field of Robotics and Intelligent Machines, the I-RIM Conference is happy to host thematic workshops organized within the community autonomously.

Submit your proposal to the Program Committee of the II Italian Conference of Robotics and Intelligent Machines by following the instructions at this link .




For clarifications, please write to: