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General Chairs

Emanuele Menegatti

Marilena Vendittelli 


Program Chairs

Gianluca Antonelli

Giuseppe Carbone

Arianna Menciassi

Silvia Rossi


Program Committee

Giovanni Berselli

Matteo Bianchi

Massimo Callegari

Antonio Carcaterra

Antonio Chella

Marco Controzzi

Elena De Momi

Giorgio Grisetti

Leonardo Lanari

Monica Malvezzi

Alessandro Marino

Fulvio Mastrogiovanni

Stefano Mazzoleni

Ciro Natale

Dimitri Ognibene 

Andrea Orlandini

Claudio Pacchierotti

Federica Pascucci

Francesco Pierri

Giuseppe Quaglia

Enrico Simetti

Rocco Vertechy

Luigi Villani

Valeria Villani

Loredana Zollo

Workshop Chairs

Simona Crea

Andrea Cristofaro

Stefano Ghidoni

Carlotta Mummolo


Awards Chairs

Maria Domenica Di Benedetto

Fanny Ficuciello

Antonio Sgorbissa

Anna Valente


Publication Chairs

Giovanni Boschetti

Giuseppe Averta

5th Italian Conference on Robotics and Intelligent Machines October 20-22, 2023 - Fiera di Roma

I-RIM, the institute that brings together the Italian Robotics and Intelligent Machines community, presented the fifth edition of the Italian Robotics and Intelligent Machines conference.

The conference returned to Fiera di Roma together with the other I-RIM 3D events to continue to raise awareness of the present and future scientific activities of a very lively community that is open to all stakeholders, illustrating the most recent research results and highlighting current trends and technologies.

Accepted contributions has been presented in:

  • interactive sessions with posters introduced by a “3-minute Pitch”
  • Workshops and tutorials.

During the 3 days of the conference it was also be possible to attend:

  • the invited plenary presentations
  • the DRIM Poster session, dedicated to students of the Doctorate of national interest in Robotics and Intelligent Machines (DRIM), introduced by 3-minute spotlight presentations
  • round tables and other events organized in collaboration with Maker Faire.

The I-RIM 3D 2023 program at a glance is available at the Program Overview page.


Important dates

Early registration: September 30th 5th October, 2023

Self-nomination for the best pitch award, 5th October, 2023

Upload of video and slide: 5th October, 2023