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Registration for I-RIM 3D events is unique, personal, and applies to

  • access to all I-RIM 3D events
  • coffee breaks and lunches
  • social dinner (full registration)
  • digest and conference proceedings

Students and I-RIM association members can access to special prices to register at I-RIM 3D (Instructions for association with I-RIM can be found at this link ).

Registration Fees*

* Note: for legal and technical reasons, the association and registration procedures require some non-automatic steps, and can take up to two working days. For this reason it will not be possible to register at the conference venue, and it is essential to register through the instructions below as soon as possible. It will not be possible to guarantee the conclusion of the procedures before the event for applications received after 10 October 2019.


  • Before registering, create your personal or business profile (please create both profiles if you are a company representative).
    – I-RIM 3D: Individual Profile
    – I-RIM 3D: Profile for Companies and Institutes
    At the end of the procedure, you will receive a promotional code to use on the registration portal. Click on the following button to go to the registration portal.


  • When you will have made the ticket, keep the QR Code (or print the pdf) generated by Eventbrite website.
  • Go to the entrances of Fiera di Roma (East or North Entrance), where you’ll find two I-RIM reserved gates.
  • At the entrance, showing the ticket, you will receive the Maker Faire free ticket and the I-RIM badge.
  • Remember to keep the Maker Faire ticket, you will need it to enter and exit during the three days of the event.

Register as accompanying person: Follow this link. With this type of ticket, accompanying persons can enter the I-RIM 3D gates with you, by skipping possible queues.

Why create an I-RIM profile

To take advantage of all the opportunities offered by I-RIM 3D event, attendees can choose between more options. 
Fill the questionnaires prepared for individual participants and for companies/organizations that will attend I-RIM 3D to create your professional profile and allow the I-RIM 3D organization to provide you with the services most suited to your needs:

  • Match making between demand for innovation and offer of research in advanced interaction technologies
  • Opportunities for collaboration between companies, organizations and people of appropriate technical level
  • Suggestion of calendar events, places and times of meetings, presentations and demonstrations
  • Logistics and event organization

To submit a collaboration or ask questions, please write to: