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Registration for I-RIM 3D events is unique and personal. The 2020 edition is free for members

If you are already a member and you want to proceed with the payment of the annual membership fee, instructions are given at this link.

Only the authors of scientific contributions are asked for a contribution to participate in the costs of Open Access publication (see below).


All participants are invited to create a profile (individual entry and / or entry for companies and organizations) on RoboMatch, to stay connected to the Robotics and Intelligent Machines community.



a platform for appointments between young professionals and job opportunities

Companies and organizations can propose their job offer, undergraduates and young professionals can create their own profile and come into contact with companies and organizations looking for new collaborators.


For Authors: OA Contribution

The authors of the scientific contributions presented in the articles related to the Spotlight Talks and Workshops, are asked for a contribution to participate in the costs of publishing the articles in Open Access . The contribution is 250 €, reduced to 150 € for I-RIM members (associates or regularizes the annual membership fee from here). Members can pay up to two reduced OA fees for papers s/he presents.

For each individual submission it is possible to use up to 2 extra pages (in addition to the two pages provided) by paying an additional contribution of 50 euros per page.



For clarifications or to propose collaborations, write to: