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Conference and Fair Activities

Vicepresidents: Barbara Mazzolai, Domenico Prattichizzo

What does it do?

The Conference and Fair Activities Committee is in charge of the management and planning of all conferences, symposia, meetings, workshops, fairs, and events to which I-RIM lends its first name. This includes the annual I-RIM conference, all the events under the financial responsibility of I-RIM and those that are under its scientific and technological aegis. The Committee is responsible for monitoring the quality of the presentations and materials offered in the context of the events; the choice and supervision of any activated Working Groups; the planning and control of financial aspects; technical planning of events in the medium and long term, and the dissemination of information regarding conferences in areas in the Institute’s field of interest. This Committee is not responsible for the publication of the proceedings of the I-RIM annual conference, for which the Publication Committee is in charge.