Become a member

Every individual interested in the themes of I-RIM and sharing its aims are welcome to associate to I-RIM. The formal process to become a member is through an application and an acceptance decision by the Board of Directors.

The individual membership fee for the year 2019 is € 50 and entitles you to be included in the Members book and to participate in the Assembly with voting rights. In addition, I-RIM members are entitled to a discount on registration at the I-RIM 3D event.

Companies, institutions and associations will be able to support I’RIM thorugh mechanisms to be regulated in the near future.  Individual association will remain a requisite to participate in the I-RIM association. For more information, contact us .

Individual association method

  1. Fill out this form online [in italian]
  2. Print the attachment to the email received when closing the form. Sign and scan by creating a filename_surname_domain.pdf
  3. Download and complete this file [in italian]. Sign and scan by creating a file name_surname_privacy.pdf
  4. Proceed to payment by
    • bank transfer to IBAN IT96M0503414023000000002528
      (cc 002528 Banco BPM in the name of Associazione I-RIM), with the reason “Annual membership fee 2019, name and surname of the associate” (a single transfer for more quotas is acceptable as long as all members’ names appear explicitly in the reason).
    • or use a credit card and / or Paypal. Attention: fill in the field below with the name and surname of the member.
      Member Name & Surname >>
  5. Send the two pdf files obtained from points 2 and 3 (with your signature) and a copy of the annual fee transfer receipt in an email to with subject “Association I-RIM Year YYYY Name Surname”
  6. If the procedure is successful, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the payment receipt. The individual membership request will be analyzed by the I-RIM Board of Directors. In case of non eligibility, the membership fee will be reimbursed in total.