I-RIM 3D: Three Days of Robotics and Intelligent Machines


To launch the activities of the new Institute, I-RIM 3D will be held in Rome from 18 to 20 October 2019. I-RIM 3D is a three-day multi-dimensional event that brings together the whole community of those doing research and innovation in the field of Robotics and Intelligent Machines in Italy and worldwide

The events offered by I-RIM 3D include:

  • The first Italian Robotics and Intelligent Machines Conference
  • An exposition of the newest projects and products
  • When Research met Innovation, a match-making event between high-tech demand and supply
  • RoboTinder, a “dating site” for young professionals and job opportunities
  • Debates between leading personalities and the public on the hottest topics of the ongoing technological transformation: AI and Robotics, Training, Research Enhancement, Harmonization of public and private tools for technology transfer;
  • Robotics for Everyone a wide dissemination event to communicate the most advanced and surprising research results, on stage and on screen
  • The first Plenary Assembly of the National Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines.

What to do at I-RIM 3D @MakerFaire

I-RIM 3D offers different opportunities to participants with different interests. What are you interested in?

Are you young, with ideas to offer?

Is your company looking for new ideas?

Is your company on the innovation market?

Is your research group seeking brilliant new ph.d. students or postdocs?

Whomever you are:

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