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Other Convergent Initiatives

In this page we aim to collect and highlight all the third-parties initiatives against COVID-19, hoping that the whole I-RIM community can benefit from it.

Italian Initiatives

  • IEEE CSS Italy Section published online a workshop on modeling and control COVID-19 outbreak (link).
  • IEEE Italy Section provides a list of initiatives from italian’s agencies to support the outbreak emergency (link).
  • IIT has decided to share openly its scientific and technical know-how to help develop ideas and solutions in the battle against COVID-19. (link).

International Initiatives

  • Robotics For Infectious Diseases initiative collects and organizes data on how robots are being used (link)
  • The Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue (CRASAR) collected a series of interviews and robotic applications to fight COVID-19 (link).
  • The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society – Special Interest Group on Humanitarian technology (RAS-SIGHT) is engaging the academic and non-academic community to propose viable solutions (link).
  • EU collected a database of robotic solutions and initiatives to fight corona virus (link), moreover, started the “ERAvsCOrona” action plan, which aims to coordinate research and innovation through Europe (link).
  • IEEE has identified a collection of articles that may help researchers to understand and manage the COVID-19 pandemic. (link).
  • The Frontiers Coronavirus Knowledge Hub provides an up-to-date source of trusted information and analysis on COVID-19 and coronaviruses, including the latest research articles. (link).
  • Science Robotics has recently published an article that discusses the robots potential impact for fighting COVID-19 (link).

Founding Opportunities

  • Regione Lombardia jointly with Fondazione Veronesi e Cariplo invest 7.5 milions to support initiatives against COVID-19 (link).
  • DIH-HERO Open Call 2020 for the development of short term healthcare robotics solutions (link).
  • The “Innova Italia” project supports the development ov novel devices to monitor and diagnosis of COVID-19 (link).
  • ARTES 4.0 open call for research and industrial projects that leverage on 4.0 technologies to fight COVID-19 (link).
  • Marzotto Venture Accelerator and Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma call for novel ideas to support Italy (link).

Let us know about your initiative

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