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Expo: From Projects to Products

What is there today, and what will come next

An exhibition of Italian robots and intelligent machines, their industrial applications and research projects that delineate the future of robotics products.

A show to display and disseminate products and their applications from the Italian industry, research projects, and funding programs that support them.

To seize the opportunities offered by I-RIM 3D, companies, universities and research centers, funding agencies and institutions can create a Point of Presence Stand in the exhibition area.

A POP stand can be of different sizes and will show your logo, allow your staff to present the company or research group, demonstrate your products or project results. A POP stand will also be a natural meeting point with possible new recruits.

ACTION POINT: To create a POP Stand

  • Create an account (email and password) and enter the description of the contents you intend to present
  • Use the “space requirements” field in the form to specify in detail the logistics and space requirements for optimal allocation of your contents and visibility

We invite you to register as soon as possible so that you can have the best POP stands and define the details of the participation carefully.

For any clarification or need you can write to: