Pilot Projects

This page is intended to collect examples of technological demonstrators, experienced in the clinical field of support for the response to Covid-19, or in the research laboratories of developers, which can give rise to products with high technological readiness and which can be rendered available for general use in the medium term

The projects are classified based on their application field, geographical region, Technology Readiness Level (TRL), development status and category, e.g. research or commercial project.

It is possible to search the database with the keywords listed above. For example, a user can filter the projects based on the geographical region or on the application field etc.

We also provide statistical analysis of the data collected.

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Let us know about your project

This page is constantly updated and maintained. To propose changes or additions, please, send an email to: info@i-rim.it, with subject “Proposal for the page I-RIM AGAINST COVID19”. Perspective authors are expected to define their project selecting the keyword from the table below and to send a brief user-oriented description of the project and its applicability to fight COVID19 (max 60 words). Please, make sure also to include a high resolution picture and the link to the project website. Additional links to video and other medias are welcome.

Category Application Region TRL (estimated)
Company AI for diagnosis and treatment Italy 4-5 – Prototype development
Research Assistive Robotics Europe 5-6 – Tested in the Lab
  Autonomous Delivery North America 6-7 – Tested out of the Lab
  Companion Robots South America 8 – System ready
  Disinfection Technologies Asia 9 – On the market
  labs in Cloud Africa  
  Telepresence Oceania  
  Smart Hospital Management tool