Membership Activities

Vicepresidents: Lucia Pallottino (spokesperson), Antonio Sgorbissa , Monica Malvezzi
Members: Federica Ferraguti, Daniele Fontanelli, Antonio Chella

What does it do?

The Membership Activities Committee is in charge of all the institutional activities related to the I-RIM members, and in particular services for members, to ensure their satisfaction and growth within the association.

The primary function of the Membership Activities Committee is to organize training and networking events dedicated to people associated with I-RIM. Not only that, the Committee, in fact, ensures a constant comparison with the various disciplinary souls of I-RIM.

How does it carry out its tasks?

The Committee has created specific working groups, namely: Women in Robotics, International Activities, Higher Education, Lifelong Learning, Ethics and Human Rights.

In addition, it will establish an I-RIM PhD Summer School!