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For Robotics is intended the science and technology of systems equipped with sensors useful to perceive their own state and the surrounding environment, of processing means and data communication, and of actuators capable of modifying these states, according to an autonomous intelligent logic or partially autonomous. 

For Intelligent Machines are intended machines equipped with logical and computational capabilities for the physical interaction with the environment and people. 

For Information and Communication Technologies (Information and Communication Technologies, ICT) is intended the set of methods and techniques used for transmission, reception and processing of data and information. 

For Inter-Action Technologies (IAT)  is intended the set of methods and techniques used for perception and modification of the physical states of the machines and surrounding environments according to an intelligent logic. 

IATs and ICTs are fundamental technologies underlying Industry 4.0, as defined in the 4.0 National Enterprise Plan of the Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE) (Laws n.232-2016 and n. 145-2018). 

By collective subjects (or stakeholder) are intended:

  1. companies 
  2. universities and research institutions 
  3. institutions and associations interested in scientific and technological advancement and applied in society and in the Robotics and Intelligent Machines industry. 

Examples of a) type collective subjects are large, medium or small companies that produce robots and intelligent machines, or that are interested in innovating their products or their production processes through the use of the IAT, or finally to the economic enhancement of their investments in these technologies.

Examples of b) type subjects are Universities, Foundations, Hospitals, Institutions and Institutes, both public and private, through their Departments dedicated to scientific and technological research and to highly qualified training in IAT.

Examples of c) type collective subjects are public bodies and institutions of national, regional, provincial or municipal level, associations, foundations, third sector organizations, private or mixed public-private consortium, through their structures that work to promote technology transfer and innovation in IATs. 

The Individual stakeholders are single persons, also belonging to collective subjects interested in I-RIM, who for professional reasons or for interest in the social motivations of the I-RIM decide to enter and contribute.