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I-RIM Conference 2020

General Chairs

Barbara Mazzolai

Domenico Prattichizzo

Program Chairs

Benedetto Allotta

Maria Chiara Carrozza

Emanuele Menegatti

Giuseppe Oriolo

Program Committee

Gianluca Antonelli

Nicola Pio Belfiore

Laura Burattini

Fabrizio Caccavale

Ruggero Carli

Filippo Cavallo

Gianluca Ciardelli

Christian Cipriani

Riccardo Costanzi

Alessandro De Luca

Maria Domenica Di Benedetto

Raffaele Di Gregorio

Maria Pia Fanti

Irene Fassi

Alessandro Farinelli

Maurizio Ferrarin

Fanny Ficuciello

Antonio Franchi

Alessandro Gasparetto

Laura Giarre

Stefano Ghidoni

Giorgio Grisetti

Luca Iocchi

Leonardo Lanari

Monica Malvezzi

Fulvio Mastrogiovanni

Matteo Matteucci

Rezia Molfino

Ciro Natale

Vincenzo Parenti Castelli

Alessandra Pedrocchi

Nicola Pedrocchi

Alessandro Ridolfi

Paolo Robuffo Giordano

Giulio Rosati

Fabio Ruggiero

Alessandra Sciutti

Valeria Seidita

Antonio Sgorbissa

Armando Tacchella

Monica Tiboni

Paolo Valigi

Primo Zingaretti

Loredana Zollo

Publication Chairs

Lucia Pallottino

Federica Pascucci

Rocco Vertechy

Andrea Zanchettin


Paolo Arena

Antonio Frisoli

Angelika Peer

Daniele Pucci

Awards Chairs

Marco Ceccarelli

Rita Cucchiara

Eugenio Guglielmelli

Luigi Villani

Organizing Secretary

Maria Fossati

Francesca Tramacere

2nd Italian Conference on Robotics and Intelligent Machines

10-12 December 2020

Call for Papers

I-RIM is an institute created to offer a national organizational reference for its members and
stakeholders and to
interact with public institutions on the topics of Robotics and Intelligent Machines. The I-RIM purpose is to
the development and practice of Robotics and Intelligent Machines technologies to improve citizens quality of life
well-being and enhance society conditions, through the development of new solutions for helping people, improving
working conditions, transferring applications and economic enhancement of research, production improvement and its

I-RIM organizes the second Italian Conference on Robotics and Intelligent Machines to represent the
richness and
multidisciplinary nature of national research in the field of robotics and intelligent machines and to make product
application developers aware of the possibilities offered by the most recent results.

The conference will be held online.

There are two ways to contribute to the conference:

  • oral presentation via Extended Abstract submission
  • Workshop dealing with new technological and scientific challenges or thematic Tutorial via Workshop/Tutorial

Extended Abstracts and Short

Authors are invited to submit short works of 2
pages (extendable up to 4) in English, presenting recent and innovative results. 
The conference welcomes with interest works
that present results already published in the scientific forum but reproposed and illustrated in a key
of dissemination towards developers and applications. 
Works can be accompanied by an optional video,
which is encouraged. 
The accepted
articles will be collected in the conference proceedings in digital format together with the videos, if
The documents will be freely
accessible (Open Access Gold), digitally indexed (DOI) and citable.


How to submit an Extended Abstract

Word template

Latex template


Authors are invited to propose the organization of
workshops on research activities and thematic tutorials, also aimed at the educational world. 
The presentation of demonstration activities within
the workshops and tutorials is encouraged.

The proposals to be submitted (2 pages in English)
must contain:

  • title, organizers with affiliations and short
    description of the event
  • list of speakers, with their affiliations, and
    expected audience

Authors of contributions to the workshops can have
their work published and indexed within the I-RIM 3D proceedings, if they follow the instructions above for
submission to the free sessions.

How to submit a Workshop/Tutorial Proposal

Have a look at I-RIM 2020 introduction

Barbara Mazzolai and Domenico Prattichizzo

I-RIM Conference 2020, General Chairs

I-RIM 2020 go online on 10-12 December 2020


Extended Abstract submission: November 13,  2020

Workshop/Tutorial submission: November 13, 2020

Notification of acceptance: November  20, 2020

Final Paper and Video Talk submission: November 30, 2020

  • Extended abstracts and workshop/tutorial proposals have to be submitted via EasyChair (
  • The conference is open and free (via streaming).
  • The conference proceedings will be Open Access Gold.


A contribution to the OA publication is required to authors.

The conference registration fee for authors is 250 €, 150 € for I-RIM members (how to subscribe to I-RIM annual membership fee).

For each submission, the authors can ask for 2 extra pages max (in addition to the 2 standard pages), paying a 50 euro supplement per page (100 euro for 2 pages).

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