SCLE The Robotic Cloud Lab

Strateos is building a cloud of robotic laboratories (SCLE) to allow chemists and biologists to remotely perform their usual duties, such as analyzing biological samples or developing new drugs.

Sanbot Elf

Elf Sanbot is a multifunction robot, in hospital and clinics can support the registrations of the patients, or assists clinicians to monitor people’s health. At home Sanbot supports elderly care, e.g. by remembering to assume the daily therapy or to ask for a medical check. It is currently under test in the Varese Hospital thanks to the partnership with the Omitech engineers.


RoboPony is an automomous robot coenceived for goods distribution. Its internal compartment is equipped with ultraviolet disinfection system, thus reducing risks of contact infection. Possible applications includes last mile delivery from stores to users, or medicine and items delivery in hospital and in isolation areas.


Robby is an automomous robot coenceived for goods distribution. Its delivery container is secure, and it is currently capable of making deliveries across towns and cities completely unmanned. Possible applications of this technology in epidemic outbreak includes last mile delivery from stores to users, or medicine and items delivery in hospital and in isolation areas.


RLTS is a software suite that is able to manage all the tracking and monitoring devices produced by Sanitag for hospitals and healthcare structures. Among the others, RLTS is able to track tags movements, monitor the maintenance status of devices, localize people and machines, handle emergency situations, produce reports on patients status etc.


RIBA can lift a person up to 135lbs from a lying or sitting position and move them to another location. RIBA has strong arms with advanced tactile sensors that prevent slipping. It is also equipped with two cameras and two microphones so it can follow cues from an operator. RIBA looks like a big teddy bear, which is meant to calm patients, but could also be unsettling to some.


R1 is an autonomous robot, designed in Italy by IIT. His main target is the usage in domestic or professional conditions. He will be able to assist elderly people, or travellers in a train station. His face is a LED display that contains multiple sensors for vision, sounds perception and equilibrium.

Pro health system

The spread of Covid-19 infection makes the problem of how to make hospital environments safe from the point of view of their sanitization and sterilization increasingly pressing. That’s why Autognity has decided to create a disinfection system, in collaboration with K.L.A.IN.robotics. It is an advanced technology that uses pulsed UV-C rays, generated by a xenon lamp that irradiates the entire germicidal spectrum with UV-C light.

Prime Air

Amazon Prime Air is a future delivery system that will safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using small unmanned aerial vehicles. The system is currently under testing in US, Europe and Israel. This system could be potentially used to delivery goods and item to people in quaranteene, reducing the risk of contact contagious.


Pepper is the world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognize faces and basic human emotions. Pepper was optimized for human interaction and is able to engage with people through conversation and his touch screen.