Be-Free Sanification Cobot

LeanProducts has developed Be-Free: three robot models for environmental sanitization, based on LED technology and UV-C manipulation. Surf, thanks to the 360 ​​° light emission, provides an environmental sanitation of the complete surfaces, Air consists in a ventilation system that forces the air inwards, where the UV-C LED system performs the sanitization. You can use it in the presence of people! Air Surf combines the characteristics of both models. LED lamps emit UV-C rays at a length of 270 nm, guarantee maximum germicidal action, without producing ozone or other chemicals.


DRP-H1 is a mobile robot for disinfection and surveillance based on the DRP platform, developed as a joint effort between Dolimiti Robotics and the University of Trento.


HPC5 is a parallel computing unit capable of developing a peak processing power of 70 Petaflop / s. Its full name is High Performance Computing – layer 5: it is the latest generation of our supercomputers, one of the ten most powerful supercomputers in the world, and the first ever among the non-governmental computers. Eni is partner of the European project Escalate4CoV, the consortium led by the biopharmaceutical company Dompé, which aggregates institutions and research centers of excellence in Italy, and other European countries to identify safer drugs in the fight against coronavirus.


This prototype is a sensorized bracelet capable of monitoring human parameters and sending acoustic warnings when the body temperature exceeds 37.5 ° C. In addition, the device is able to monitor the distance between people by detecting body movement and the distance from other bracelets of the same type. When two bracelets are close together, they will vibrate and beep. In this way people will be more aware and ready to maintain the correct safety distance.


COVID ROBOT PRO is a robotic platform derived from inspection robots. It can disinfect environments and surfaces without contact by irradiation with ultraviolet UV-C light. The system was developed within the ROBOTICS-RESTART project.

Ubbo Expert

Ubbo telepresence robots offers mobility, autonomy and adaptability to each sector of activity. It delivers the power of ubiquity to each user. Thanks to Ubbo, you can interact and be present with your loved ones, your collaborators, in any circumstance, wherever you are.


CovAssist is an autonomous multi-robot system used for coordinated monitoring in highly frequented environments such as supermarkets or airports. Each robot is equipped with an infrared camera and RGB-D camera for monitoring body temperature, recognizing people, faces and their body parts. Moreover, it is equipped with two anthropomorphic arms which enable complex manipulation tasks such as those required for nasopharyngeal swabs.


PadBot P1 is a professional telepresence robot for business use. Thanks to the eye-catching look and smooth movements, it can not only be your stand-in but it can become your avatar. Among possible applications P1 can be used to guide customers in malls, visit patients in hopitals and for remote visit, e.g. to hotels.


XPlanet drones and R80 robots by have been employed by XAG to disinfect affected areas in a series of demonstrations, which helps provide solutions for improving public hygiene and reducing the risk of virus transmission via contaminated surface contact.


Xenex is mobile robot endowed with an innovative UV source generating light that covers the entire light spectrum (from 200 to 300 nm), in which microorganisms are quickly and adequately eliminated. Ultra-short disinfection cycles (from 90 seconds to 5 minutes) can be used to disinfect between 30 and 62 rooms per day.