I-RIM is ARTES 5.0 partner

I-RIM is partner of the ARTES 5.0 European project!

Artes 5.0 aims to promote digital technologies, with a specific focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics, to power sustainable, anthropocentric and resilient value chains through science-based technological and cultural discontinuities, in line with current challenges faced by the Union Europea and with the Digital Europe Program.

I-RIM will strengthen the ARTES5.0 ecosystem network of collaborations with regional, national and international bodies, trade associations, chambers of commerce, Competence Centers, Technology Clusters, Digital Innovation Hubs, knowledge innovation centers and communities and operators of technology transfer. Our association will organize scientific and technological events, the Italian Convention on Robotics and Intelligent Machines, a 3-day event, and thematic workshops!