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General Chairs

Zollo Loredana 

Giulio Rosati

Luigi Palopoli


Program Chairs

Federica Pascucci

Giorgio Grisetti

Maura Casadio

Marco Fontana


Workshop Chair

Francesca Cordella

Matteo Saveriano

Luigi Villani

Paolo Solaris


Award Chair

Fabio Ruggiero

Andrea Del Prete

Filippo Cavallo


Pubblication and social media Chair

Silvia Rossi

Giuseppe Averta


Competition Chairs

Clemente Lauretti

Michele Fiocchi

Luca Santoro


Exihibition Chairs

Daniele Pucci

Giuseppe Carbone

Monica Malvezzi

Francesco Scotto Di Luzio


Local Organizing Commitee

Francesca Cordella

Clemente Lauretti

Francesco Scotto Di Luzio

Christian Tamantini 

6a Italian Conference on
Robotics and Intelligent Machines

October 25-27 2024 - Gazometro Ostiense

The VI edition of the I-RIM 3D Conference returns to the Gazometro Ostiense this year. The appointment is from 25 to 27 October 2024 where the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines will renew its contribution to the Maker Faire Europe event.



The 2024 program will once again consolidate the synergy with Maker Faire through exhibitions and competitions open to the general public.

As always, I-RIM invites friends and members to participate: for all those who want to do so, there are two ways:

-Presence inside the Robotics Pavilion that I-RIM curates: the Maker Faire call for stand allocation is now open

– Presence at the I-RIM 3D Conference through the presentation of papers and workshops, for which we will open the dedicated call shortly.

The team is complete and ensures a rich and innovative program!

Final upload instructions

The following instructions apply only to presentations of the contents of accepted Extended Abstracts. DRIM Poster session presentations do not need to be submitted in advance. The template provided below and the duration of 3 minutes (maximum) of each presentation remain valid for all presentations.

  • Each poster of the interactive sessions will be introduced by a 3-minute presentation, in which the speaker will be accompanied by a “slide show” presentation video that must be uploaded to your Easy Chair account by October 5th, following the steps below. The video will be included in the conference proceedings. If the organizers have not received the video by the deadline, the speaker will still have the 3-minute slot available but without access to slides or other material requiring a projector.
  • By October 5th it is also necessary to upload, again in your Easy Chair account, a single slide in Italian summarizing the work (template below). The slide will be included in a digest distributed to all conference participants in digital form.

Video and slide upload

  1. log into your Easy Chair account for I-RIM 2023 and visualize the list of submitted Extended Abstracts
  2. select “View”
  3. select “Add or update files” from the menu at the top right
  4. add the video
  5. add the slide for the digest.

Preparing the video for the “pitch”

Each speaker will have a 3-minute slot (exactly) available to present the work (3-minute pitch). For this, it is necessary to provide the organization with **a video in .mpg format** lasting (maximum) **180 seconds** which will run on a conference computer during the oral presentation. You will not be able to use your laptop or have control over the playback of this video. The target video has dimensions 1920×1080 or 1440×1080 at 30fps. Avoid the use of non-standard codecs. The video will be included in the conference proceedings. It is therefore recommended to include an audio description of the slideshow. However, the audio will be muted during the pitch. Therefore, do not rely on the audio because there will be no possibility to change the volume.

Poster preparation

The poster must be prepared in **A0 portrait format** (841 mm [w] x 1189 mm [h]). It can be hung on the appropriate panels at the end of the relevant pitch session. The presence of at least one author is encouraged to answer participants’ questions. Support tables will also be available for any notebooks.

poster template

summary slide template

presentation template

extended version of these instructions

Important dates

Early registration: September 30th 5th October, 2023

Self-nomination for the best pitch award, 5th October, 2023

Upload of video and slide: 5th October, 2023