“Artificial Intelligence: Methods and Applications” Webinar

The International Relations Unit of the CNR and the Office of the Scientific Attaché of the Italian Embassy in Berlin annually organize a series of joint webinars with Italian researchers, primarily from the CNR, and Germans.
The Italy-Germany WEBinar Series (WEBS) kicked off 2022 with a series of four webinars dedicated to “Sensor systems and Measurements”. The style of the seminars is intended to be non-specialist: the speakers must be understandable to a vast audience of researchers from the CNR, the German centers and the community of Italian researchers in Germany. The objectives are to disseminate information on relevant ongoing research projects (relevant both in terms of high-level publications and cumulative impact, such as research infrastructures and flagship initiatives) and to consolidate or create research linkages.
In 2023, the second series is dedicated to “Artificial Intelligence: Methods and Applications”.